Privacy Policy of Aweb

Privacy Policy of Aweb



The management and protection of all personal information of the users/visitors that use Aweb services are met according to all the Greek legislations (Ν. 2472/1997 regarding the protection of personal data as decided and handed out by the President of Personal Data, Π. Δ. 207/1998 και 79/2000 and paragraph 8 of Ν. 2819/2000) and European beneficiary (guidelines 95/46/EK and 97/66/EK). The current legislations take into consideration the vast and rapid increase of technology and specifically Internet regarding privacy policies. For that apparent reason, incase of any changes or modifications, Aweb will adjust accordingly. Aweb has the right and privilege to change and modify these terms and inform all of its visitors and users in the same time. If someone does not agree to the privacy terms and conditions, he/she should not use the services provided by this site.

Personal information which Aweb requests are:


Personal Data: Each visitor can visit and look into the site without having to provide any personal information. However if someone decides to buy one of our products he/she will have to provide his/her email address, username and password.

Information regarding the sale of services and products: The mandatory information for your every transaction is first and last name, telephone number, full address (street number and name, city, zip code) type of receipt, normal receipt or invoice. Sometimes we might ask you for you mobile phone number or fax number just in case we need to contact you as soon as possible.

Invoice data: In case you request an invoice the information you will have to provide to us are: name of company, vat number, and address of the company.

Contact via Live email: When contacting Aweb via email, the information we collect is your name, address email, the IP, the date and time of the communication and the text exchanged in this communication. These data are collected for better customer service and for security purposes.



Aweb includes links towards other sites that are not checked and verified by the site it self. Aweb is not in charge in case these sites do not follow the terms and conditions regarding privacy policies

IP Addresses

The IP addresses from which a PC has access to the computer and then to the Aweb website is used only for statistical purposes and to make sure that all transactions are secure.



Most major companies, in order to provide personalized support and services, use alphanumeric recognition files called cookies. They are characterized into two types, permanent and session cookies: Permanent cookies remain in your hard disk after you finish your visit keeping information that will be used once you visit, our site next time. Session cookies are used to recognize that you have entered inside the website, without having to be asked for information such as username and password each time you want to complete a transaction. These are automatically erased once you leave the website. Aweb uses session cookies so that we don’t have to ask you for your username and password each time you enter in our online store.

Third-party vendors, including Google, show ads of Aweb on sites across the Internet. Therefore, Aweb and third-party vendors, including Google, use cookies in order to inform, optimize, and serve ads based on someone’s past visits to Aweb. Cookies are also used for Remarketing purposes. You can opt-out of this kind of use of cookies here and at the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page.


General Terms for personal data protection.

Aweb is in charge of keeping and storing your personal information and not giving it out to others unless it has been requested by court order or other authorities.


Aweb keeps and stores data with your personal information which has been sent from the visitor/user for communication, accounting and financial reasons.


Aweb can and shall be obliged to provide (after authentication), a copy of the transaction receipt, in case of request by the transactor, even if the last one is not the direct administrator of the billed service.


Every user/customer can come in contact with the corresponding department in order to check whether there is a personal file, and change it, correct it or even delete it.


Aweb, specifically its marketing department, can use the provided information for statistical and financial reasons so it can improve its services and feedback.


Each time you visit the Aweb website, in order to proceed to an order of products or services, or even so we can come in contact with you, you must provide us with your personal information such as name, occupation, email address, etc. Any personal information you provide us with via the Aweb website is only used for Aweb services and not others, according to paragraph Ν. 2472/97 regarding personal data legislation. The Aweb online store works according to the current laws and legislations and keeps all of your personal information with absolutely safety up to the point that you are still a customer of Aweb. All personal information you provide in Aweb is used by the website and online store, by EETT or even by companies that work with the pre-mentioned companies and providers. All information you provide us with is noticed legally to all responsible court, police and other ministerial offices according to the current laws and legislations. The client has the right according to the legislation regarding private and discrete information of telecommunications to accept or deny according to law articles 11 up 13 regarding law 2472/1997.


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